Advantages of LTE for consumers

Advantages of LTE for consumers

The next big thing in mobile technology is recognised as LTE which is short for Long Term Evolution. LTE is the fourth generation mobile technology that has evolved from its predecessors 3G, 2G and 1G. Mobile carriers from all around the globe have upgraded or starting to upgrade their networks to the latest technology.

In simple terms LTE networks are the mobile connectivity equivalent to what broadband is to dial up connectivity. With LTE it is now possible to anything on the Internet using mobile phones as if we are connected to a fixed broadband line.

LTE focusses on increasing both the upload and download speeds compared to its predecessors. This mobile technology has created an environment in which application developers can create more options that will better the user’s experience. Gaming, banking, streaming to mention a few will all be seamlessly working together on your mobile phone.

LTE is an all IP system that turn calls into digital data and sends them over the networks. This shift in technology will decrease traffic on networks improving your call sessions and conversations. When there is lack of capacity LTE can in real time reallocate bandwidth between different callers.

This mobile technology is taking us to a point in which more people will access faster Internet through their mobile phones than fixed lines.

Benefits of LTE

  • Decreases network traffic sending and receiving data at a more rapid rate
  • Allows more users to utilise the same frequency, increasing the overall number of users who are able to access the technology
  • Faster upload and download speeds available reducing the problem of lag
  • Focuses on VoIP which supports more mobile capacity
  • Overall better end user experience

Disadvantages of LTE

  • Networks need additional antennas for data transmission
  • End users need the correct cell phones to make use of the network