What is this Convergence you speak of?

What is this Convergence you speak of?

Convergence seems to be the buzz word when it comes to ensuring you receive a compelling ROI, through improved productivity, application integration and refined communication processes. But what does Convergence mean and how can it help to achieve optimal operational efficiency while reducing overall communication costs?

Digital convergence refers to the coming together of previously separated technologies like voice, data and video into a shared resource that interacts collaboratively through one connection.

Through uniting these triple play services, increased infrastructure simplicity and seamless communication leads to lower business expenditure by migrating all resources into a singular network.

The benefits of a Unified Communication Experience is driven through the unification of converged devices, applications and networks. We are not only talking about triple plays services here, but rather the bigger picture of collaborating these services with cloud-based computing and application utilisation with complete mobility.

The combination of all these features and abilities from multiple electrical communication resources in terms of a cohesive communication system enable individuals to interact, communicate, collaborate and share information in many different ways.

Instead of sitting with multiple platforms and different suppliers, convergence enables your business to utilise many different applications and services through one service provider.