Why should you ‘Follow the Fibre’?

Why should you ‘Follow the Fibre’?

What is Fibre broadband?

Fibre enables digital information to run through glass cables under the ground by means of light signals. Unlike your ADSL or Leased Lines services Fibre doesn’t transmit along copper wire, making it faster and more redundant as it retains its signal strength over greater distances and operates in a higher frequency range. A higher frequency range means greater bandwidth, which in turn means faster connectivity.

Fibre is the now and future of high-speed Internet. Just like its legacy connectivity, ADSL was the giant leap forward compared to the old timer dial-up connection, Fibre has become Voice, Data & Video’s connectivity destiny.

With Fibre’s vast potential and utility it has not only taken over telecommunications and computer networking hype but is used in other industries too.

“Follow the Fibre”?

Hymax has adopted the strap line “Follow the Fibre” as we believe that the future of telecommunications will be dominated by Fibre optics.

We have partnered with various Fibre infrastructure providers including Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), Telkom, Neotel and Conduct. Through these relationships we are able to offer cost-effective Fibre termination to most endpoints in metropolitan areas.

Hymax propose that companies throughout South Africa today design their infrastructure on pervasive end-to-end Fibre technology. The Hymax core network has an MPLS overlay to allow for rapid convergence, and differentiated Class of Service (CoS). The MPLS technology enables the creation of national virtual private LAN architectures. The network design offers high availability in a completely redundant architecture.

Given that the ITU-T announced the end of the copper era in telecommunications in the 1990s, and that Telkom is now starting to deprecate some of their legacy copper infrastructure, it is an opportune time to consider a complete technology refresh.

Moving companies onto Fibre will future-proof their networks, and allow the benefits of converged services through the integration of Next Generation Network (NGN) technologies like Metro Ethernet and MPLS.

How do I know Fibre is right for me?

Still not convinced about Fibre connectivity yet?

Fibre offers key benefits that are not possible to achieve with other legacy copper connectivity.  Threats like cable theft and fire hazards are completely eliminated.

Fibre offers an uncontended and symmetrical solution that is easily upgraded at lower costs. If your business needs a reliable connectivity that has minimal downtime, complete scalability and can handle heavy bandwidth applications – Fibre is for you!