Head securely in the clouds

Head securely in the clouds

Putting ‘everything in the cloud’ seems to be the latest IT fashion trend due to indisputable advantages of flexibility, efficiency, mobility, cost reduction & environmental friendliness. But, what is a cloud and how can you ensure it is a secure environment for all your data.

Let’s first clear up what we mean when we say ‘cloud’ services.

Compared to traditional servers where you can restrict and control all on premise connections, cloud services can be seen as a virtual environment whereby servers are located at an ISP’s data centre that are securely accessible through the Internet. These servers will host all your information or any other applications and resources you are running on your Network. For instance, cloud-based applications could be your Online-Backups or services like a Virtual PBX.

Why the big fuss over cloud-based computing? Well simply, it is a way to increase capacity or add further capabilities to your Network without having to invest more into additional expensive infrastructure, personnel training or software licensing. It offers real-time access to information that is located on your virtual server from any device and from anywhere.

You may be asking yourself right now ‘isn’t it too risky to have all my personal data located on a virtual server”.

By utilising a thorough line of defence such as firewalls, malware protection as well as data encryption and employment software, cloud-based applications can be preserved with complete security protection.

Keep in mind that “Cloud computing is the future that is happening now”. Check out this video on the history and development of cloud computing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9LK6EtxzgM

photo credit: IvanWalsh.com via photopin cc