How Tech has changed the Workplace

How Tech has changed the Workplace

Technology has rapidly achieved numerous advances over the past few decades which has resulted in a revolution in the business world which can be seen in all aspects of work life. Think about it, you can reach out to almost anyone within seconds while decreasing costs.

Employers and employees no longer have to be bound to offices spaces in order to interact with clients and co-workers. Communication can happen from home, a remote location or even from a car or a plane.

Technology has transformed into a diverse range of products and services that increase efficiency and productivity. This has also had an effect on interpersonal relationships and face-to-face encounters that are normally offered when employees and employers are united by an office space.

Many businesses are running on ‘virtual teams’ and do depend on technology to make this happen. It has been suggested that the answer to all complaints about technology should not be to abandon it but rather evolve the way you do things with technology that is available at your fingertips and utilise it in the most human way possible.

With the new generation of work communication along us, people are experiencing a “joyful experience” of managing work on any of their mobile devices. Mobile allows us to work from home and pull that extra hour at home while spending more time with loved ones.

Employees are also able to collectively work together on documents through sharing comments and edit documents from all over the world. This means employees are no longer confined to a board room scribbling all over the whiteboard.  This is even further advanced through video which can cut down general conference call times and increase understanding

Here are some technology tips to keep up with the ever advancing technological world.

1# Staying relevant – keeping up with technology trends and utilising them for your own improvement

2# Communication – brush up on the technology lingo that’s out there in order to understand what some people are talking about

3# Staying Organised – knowing how to access and utilise cloud-based technologies.

4# Staying in Touch – don’t be afraid of utilising new technologies and benefiting from them.


Adapted from Technology in the Workplace by Nisa Chitakasem