Internet of Things: the Ideal

Internet of Things: the Ideal

The Internet of Things is a term that is becoming inescapable in our modern, always connected world. This term describes a network of physical objects that are accessed through the Internet. Although not a reality as yet, the Internet of Things is shaping the way that we might use unconnected devices and objects in a smarter and more beneficial manner.

These physical objects will contain an embedded technology that interacts with internal states or external environments. This will enable the objects to sense, communicate and change decisions made and who makes them.

It is estimated by Cisco that around 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020 even though 99% of things in the physical world are currently unconnected. With convergence and the rapid expansion of data, processes and objects that are connected to the Internet, the closer the creation of a valuable environment that presents unprecedented opportunities for business and people becomes.

What are some of the opportunities of the Internet of Things?

  • Provides a platform to get a jump start on competitors by transforming data into new insights
  • You are able to get more out of your existing IT assets and build upon them
  • Make small changes make a huge impact by identifying important processes and locations.
  • Become more efficient by streamlining
  • Discover new ways to make doing business with you easier and more pleasant for the client
  • Open up new business opportunities and revenue
  • Increase your agility
  • Guaranteeing your business future proof and scalable technologies

The Internet of Things cannot be solely seen as a futuristic trend, its starting here and now with your devices and sensors, the data that they produce and their intelligent tools.