The hype of BYOD

The hype of BYOD

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a term you have surely heard of before as the trend is changing the way traditional company practices. BYOD refers to the policy of employees bringing their personal mobile devices to their workplace, to use them to access privileged business information and applications.

In the consumerization of IT, BYOD has made a significant inroad in the way that business is conducted. BYOD promises greater innovation, better balance between work and life and improved productivity. However, it is does place more stress on IT management, increased security risks and data spread.

BYOD is regarded as a productivity booster that increases morale and convenience by utilising their own devices while making the company look more flexible.

It additionally, shifts the IT cost to the user. The main driving benefit of BYOD is work satisfaction. Users have their preferred smartphones and laptops. BYOD devices tend to be more cutting edge which provides the company with the latest features and capabilities.Users are able to upgrade their hardware and software without having to wait for their companies to upgrade them.

However, BYOD does come with a certain amount of risk to consider as well.Through embracing BYOD companies lose much control over their IT hardware and how it is used. In the event that a user leaves the company for whatever reason segregating and retrieving company data can be a problem.

Other issues include unknown third party aces via mobile apps, challenges in tracking data, stolen or lost devices data leakage.

If you are not riding the BYOD wave, you should definitely consider it.