Time to light up KZN’s fibre connectivity

KwaZulu-Natal businesses have traditionally been beset with an underserviced market when it comes to accessing reliable connectivity. Globally, copper is viewed as an end of life technology with ADSL being viewed as not fit-for-purpose as a future enabler.

A frontrunner in the communications space has started to bring KZN’s burgeoning business hub the connectivity they desperately need to optimise their connectivity and overall productivity. Hymax now operate within the Kwa-Zulu Natal region allowing local business to compete at first world levels through offering superior Fibre connectivity along with all the complementary services that Fibre affords as being the de facto future proof technology for the 21st century.

Hymax is a 22 year old communications company with firm roots in everything voice. Over several years, they have planned and built one of the newest and most sophisticated carrier networks in South Africa. This network already provides leading converged voice and data services to businesses in major city centres.

Recently, Hymax completed an upgrade of national long-haul backbone to extend their network reach to even more regions in South Africa. With its prior success in both the Johannesburg and Cape Town hubs, Hymax is now offering quality fibre connectivity and services to businesses in KwaZulu-Natal.

Hymax believe that Fibre will become a hotly contested space and it will be important to ensure potential customers are properly educated about both the nuances in the available technology and the enormous benefits that world class connectivity can bring to the business community.

New KZN executive, Jonathan Saulez notes “Hymax is rooted in voice and has built its network for superior voice quality and security. Our partnership with Dark Fibre Africa and our significant investment in becoming a Tier 1 carrier with our own Next Generation Network, allows us a unique opportunity to capture the hearts and minds of business”. He further notes that “Hymax has adopted the mantra of follow-the-fibre. Hymax people believe South Africans should be equipped to compete at the highest level”.