Video Conferencing – Surpassing Time & Geography

Video Conferencing – Surpassing Time & Geography

Video Conferencing – Surpassing Time & Geography

As we advance in a rapidly moving world, businesses are always seeking more efficient ways to communicate with employees, customers, suppliers and sales prospects. An answer for all this is video conferencing.

Video conferencing is quickly being adopted across businesses of all sizes and industries as a way to stay connected, manage time effectively and cut costs while increasing overall productivity.

How can video conferencing work for me?

Video conferencing ensures an increase in productivity as users can share and edit documentation across various formats in real-time, leading to decisions being made faster, business processes moving quicker and overall improved productivity performance.  The effect of shrinking time and distance allows people to communicate and collaborate instantly.

This technology enables businesses to maintain relationships and conduct trade on a global scale while preserving the impact of personal communication. Live video allows users to bring the ‘human element’ to the conversation through the ability to see facial expressions and body language which is generally lost through meetings based on other technologies.

Difference between video calling and video conferencing

Why would you pay for video conferencing when you can utilise free video calling services? The answer is simple.

Other online video services offer a low resolution version of video conferencing which is perfect for staying in touch with friends, colleagues and loved ones, but the element of professionalism and quality are lost due to their scaled down formats.

Video conferencing unlike other online video services offers a reliability and quality that is incomparable.