What’s up with remote support?

What’s up with remote support?

Technology continues to alter the way that we conduct business as well as the way we now receive IT support.

IT companies no longer need to conduct needed support face to face – instead it is just a simple case of remote accessing your computer to troubleshoot whatever problem or issue you have encountered or are experiencing.

Remote access works quite simply. An IT tool or software enables technicians to connect to your computer from their consoles through the Internet and work directly on your system.

Remote support means that companies can achieve their business and financial goals faster and more efficiently.

How you may ask?

Technicians do not have to travel to your location to work on your console. This means that you should receive the help you need as soon as you log it. Other factors like traffic, getting lost and potential travel hazards are all eliminated.

Although remote accessing is mainly used to access consoles anywhere in the world, it can also support file transfer, desktop sharing, file synching, command line or guest accessibility.

Privacy is a major concern for companies and the fact that a technician is able to log onto your computer from another site seems quite unsafe. Remote support is safe and secure as the only person logging into your computer is the technician. Tools and applications are also safe as they normally have pin and passwords that change per viewing session.

Remote support provides convenience as a technician can be scheduled to service your computer any time of the day and mostly on the same day you log the problem or issue.

Additional benefits of remote accessing include:

  • A less intrusive approach to your workspace as technicians will not be on site.
  • Green solution as there technicians are not adding to the Greenhouse gas issue as technicians do not need to drive to your location.