Why fibre is good for you and great for your business

With the optic fibre land grab well and truly underway, many businesses are starting to understand the enormous benefits offered by these wonder cables.

Leading communications company Hymax is at the forefront of the fibre roll-out which, according to its KZN executive Jonathan Saulez, offers savvy businesses a distinct advantage over competitors who continue to depend on slow, unreliable copper cables for their connectivity.

“Fibre is faster, much, much faster than ADSL, with speeds of up to 100Mbps currently on offer,” said Saulez. This opens the door to a host of other benefits including significantly cheaper telephone calls as well as the ability, finally, to make full, unfettered use of cloud solutions.

“KZN businesses have traditionally been forced to put up with an under-serviced market when it comes to accessing reliable connectivity. Globally, copper is considered an end of life technology with ADSL widely viewed as not fit-for-purpose. If you want to truly future-proof your business, fibre is really a non-negotiable,” Saulez said.

He believes Hymax, a 22-year veteran of the communications industry, is an ideal partner for any company considering embarking on this journey. “We like to do things the right way, based on good old fashioned values.” Saulez attributes Hymax’s success in Cape Town and Johannesburg business precincts to an integrated communication style with management associations, landlords and customers.

He said Hymax enjoyed a reputation for seeking to educate prospective customers. “Whilst the Fibre revolution is exciting for all the right reasons, such as fostering greater innovation and productivity, there is a degree of misinformation in the market. It’s important for business to understand contention ratios, shaping, fair usage policies and indeed the nuances in the technology.”

Hymax advocates the use of Active Point-to-Point Fibre for business where possible. Another advantage of Hymax was that it was rooted in voice and has built its network for superior voice quality and security. “Hymax has adopted the mantra of ‘follow-the-fibre’. We believe South Africans should be equipped to compete at the highest level and fibre is a key enabler of this”.

In line with this, over the past few years the company has built one of the most sophisticated carrier networks in South Africa and recently completed an upgrade of its national long-haul backbone to extend their reach to even more regions. “Our partnership with Dark Fibre Africa and our significant investment in becoming a Tier 1 carrier with our own Next Generation Network, allows us a unique opportunity to help KZN enterprises take their businesses to the next level.”

And the price tag may be lower than you think. “In some cases, particularly when to you add the voice component into the mix, fibre can actually be the cheaper option,” Saulez said.