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Hymax is a leading telecoms operator committed to providing a range of world class ICT services designed to enhance the way that you do business.

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Superior Next-Generation Network

We’ve created our own nationwide Next-Generation Network to carry the latest voice and data technologies to enterprises around the country to connect them to the world.

End-to-End Communications & Connectivity Solutions

We provide a range of world class ICT services designed to enhance the way that you do business, today and tomorrow.

Exceptional Customer Service

Everything we do is backed by the EOH Network Solutions promise to deliver competitive, superior customer service to businesses large and small.

Hymax Services

We are committed to ensuring the availability of world-class products to South African companies, with competitive, superior customer service.



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Fuel your business with voice & data offerings

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The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.

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Mobilising Unified Communications

A world where employees are office bound and remain at their desks is a thing of the past. Today’s workers are everywhere. They’re at coffee shops, at home, on the road, overseas - and working from a plethora of devices. While this mobile workforce has brought...

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Understanding who is behind your UC solutions

Unified communications (UC) is helping employees be more productive, collaborative, effective, and efficient, and having a positive impact on the business. It brings all these different ways of communicating into a single interface, and boosts productivity through...

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Forget about UC, start thinking teams and workflow

Much has been written about the benefits of Unified Communications (UC): Improved collaboration, better communications, and, of course, increased ROI. However, many of the conversations around UC have been focused on the technology for technology’s sake, or around the...

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