Optimisation as a Service Overview

Stop struggling with slow networks and sluggish application performance

The benefits of the latest cloud computing services and network-delivered applications can only be truly unlocked if the network itself is capable of high-speed, efficient and stable performance.

When networks and Internet connections are slow, and application performance is slothful, user experience suffers. This ultimately leads to a loss of productivity and demotivated employees and will impact heavily on your customer service delivery.

Choosing Hymax as your Optimisation as a Service (OaaS) provider changes everything

Powered by EOH Networks Solutions, our OaaS solutions will vastly increase your internet, WAN and application performance. These solutions deliver improved efficiency and productivity, and create happy users, while saving on bandwidth. This makes it more cost-effective. They also save bandwidth, making your use of business-critical services and applications more cost-effective.

Our smart solutions can be implemented on your existing connection or network, without the need to change any service providers. That’s right. You get the maximum benefit from cloud services and network applications, without too much hassle.


Hymax offers the following OaaS solutions for Internet and WAN:

Companies looking to implement modern ways of communicating and working will have their efforts thwarted by slow Internet and network performance. That’s why we provide two innovative OaaS solutions that are capable of exponentially improving Internet, network and application performance:


Hymax Global Application Optimisation

Sast, flexible access to global business-critical applications.

Hymax Global WAN Optimisation

Unmatched WAN performance for your network and applications.

The benefits of choosing Hymax as your Optimisation as a Service provider:

Get cloud application and internet performance that’s up to 40x faster, plus WAN application delivery that’s up to 40x faster than traditional WAN solutions

Reduce your data usage by up to 95%, simply by streamlining performance demand

Vastly improve your user experience by cutting out delays and slow performance.

Hymax is part of the EOH group of companies. We leverage our own national next generation network, together with EOH Network Solutions national and international Tier 1 carrier network, providing our customers with the quality and reach it needs from an ICT partner.

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