Network Monitoring Services Overview

Do away with mundane network monitoring and network health checks

Today’s companies are faced with IT and telecoms scenarios that are becoming increasingly more complex, as emerging technologies and services are continually being introduced into the market.

New technologies mean even more devices on your network that need monitoring and maintenance. These devices also make their demands on your network resources, which can impact operational performance. This makes it important to have the right proactive, automated monitoring and management of network systems to support your required growth in business and delivery.Save

Choosing network monitoring services from Hymax changes everything

Powered by EOH Network Solutions, we offer a range of network monitoring and management services that handle everything for you so you’ll always know that your networks are being actively monitored to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime.


The benefits of choosing Hymax as your network monitoring services provider:

Proactive monitoring for maximum performance with industry leading technologies to monitor your network devices, manage your device logs, and provide IP and DNS management

Round the clock support with a 24/7/365 Support Centre with over 100 supported locations in South Africa – we have the capacity to devote the best skills and attention to ensuring maximum uptime for your network.

Countrywide incident management, third-party escalation and management, SLA management, and break fix support.

Hymax offers the following Network Monitoring Services:

Remote Management Services (RMS)

Proactive network monitoring and management services to keep your network up and running through fault management, configuration management and network performance management services for all WAN and LAN network services and devices.

IPAM and DNS Management

Maximise your network management productivity and solve IP address management issues while managing DNS infrastructure securely, quickly and productively without replacing your existing DNS platform.

Log Manager

Improve your application log data analysis with the Log Manager toolset that gives you a real-time understanding of your business data, allowing you turn it into a key insights tool to make better informed business decisions, faster.

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