Connectivity Services Overview

Get rid of painful last mile access technologies and management for your network

Many of the largest telecommunications providers in South Africa are limited in terms of their last mile service offerings and some are even restricted to using their own technology or devices. In short, they tell you what you can do, and how you can do it.

Large organisations with offices dispersed across the country, and even the globe, will find this problematic as it prevents companies from achieving the best and most cost-effective connectivity options between each region.

Choosing a Managed Access service from Hymax changes everything

Powered by EOH Network Solutions places us as a last mile service aggregator. Therefore, we interconnect with every last mile provider in South Africa on your behalf so that you get the best technology choice for every division or office, no matter where it is.

Such open access policy lets us choose the right technology for you to ensure that your connectivity meets the demands of the financial drivers of your business. That’s right. With Hymax, you’re in a position to let your financial requirements drive your connectivity services, instead of having it the other way around.



The benefits of choosing Hymax as your connectivity partner:

Technical and financial freedom from prescriptive and limiting last mile services – instead, we give you choice and flexibility.
Increased reliability – you can select a redundant last mile service that is not the same as your primary service, if you so choose.
Cuts out the need to manage different service providers to fulfil all your varying business network requirements.

Managed Access Options:

Hymax Metro Ethernet Fibre Network

Powered by EOH Network Solutions, our ever-expanding Metro E Network in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban supports some of the largest companies and requirements in the South African market with hundreds of Gbps of last mile connectivity through our fibre optic network solutions.

We’re intent on driving the market and helping to build businesses by delivering high speed, scalable last mile services at affordable market rates. We will install a minimum of 1 Gbps at each of your locations – enough capacity to service the vast majority of corporate South Africa’s telecommunications needs.

Hymax Wireless (Wireless to Fibre)

The Hymax Wireless network is a straightforward extension of the Hymax Metro Fibre network. Where we deploy wireless for last mile, the majority of the backhaul is done via a fibre-based Metro Ethernet network.

This gives your business all the benefits of wireless network last mile services that are quick to deploy and technically efficient – due to the core fibre network on which they are built. 


The benefits of Managed Access Services

  • Establish links faster than other last mile services
  • A reliable and economic service for Internet access solutions
  • Bandwidth options available from 2 Mbps to 50 Mbps
  • Can be used as an interim service during a fibre network build
  • Can be used as a back-up solution for Telkom, Neotel etc., as a separate network

Third-party last mile providers (interconnect partners)

Where we do not have the ability to deliver our own last mile solution, we use several other last mile providers, including:

  • Neotel Metro E
  • Telkom Diginet, Metro E, ADSL (National)
  • BroadLink
  • Metronet (Durban)
  • Satellite last Mile from Q-KON

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