Cloud Services Overview

Do away with the headaches of multiple cloud providers and the expense of complex systems



Hymax, who forms part of EOH, offers a comprehensive range of cloud services that allow your business to respond quicker and smarter to change and challenges.

Why are cloud solutions such a big deal? Because these solutions provide access to world-class IT infrastructure and services without the capital burn that would be required upfront to provision them in-house.Save

Choosing cloud services from Hymax changes everything

Cloud services can be used as and when you need them, based on the fluctuating needs of your business. This pays off in terms of value and flexibility, ensuring that your IT spend brings a return on investment that’s as close as possible to optimal.


The benefits of choosing Hymax as your cloud services provider:

  • Access world-class IT cloud infrastructure at a fraction of the cost
  • Constant access to the latest updated technologies
  • Flexibility, scalability and agility based on your needs
  • Cost-effectiveness and simplified management boosts productivity
  • Workforce mobility has a positive impact on employee satisfaction
  • Improve alignment and interaction with customers, suppliers and business partners


Hymax offers the following Cloud Services:

Managed Hosting

Solve specific business pain points with fully outsourced, agnostic cloud infrastructure capable of exact configuration.

Cloud Backup

Get reliable, automated cloud backup facility that delivers tight security and easy scalability.

Disaster Recovery

Provision work interfaces for every person in your business as you need to, quickly and easily.

Desktop as a Service

Provision work interfaces for every person in your business as you need to, quickly and easily.

Data Centres

Choose to rent cloud space in any of the major data centres in South Africa based on your specific business needs.

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