Are you gaining the benefits of the new world of work?

Mobile phones and smartphones in particular, have been one of the biggest disruptors of business the world has ever seen. Not only have they enabled the always-on connectivity that is a feature of today’s corporate environment, they have been responsible for the...

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Mobilising Unified Communications

A world where employees are office bound and remain at their desks is a thing of the past. Today’s workers are everywhere. They’re at coffee shops, at home, on the road, overseas - and working from a plethora of devices. While this mobile workforce has brought...

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Understanding who is behind your UC solutions

Unified communications (UC) is helping employees be more productive, collaborative, effective, and efficient, and having a positive impact on the business. It brings all these different ways of communicating into a single interface, and boosts productivity through...

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Forget about UC, start thinking teams and workflow

Much has been written about the benefits of Unified Communications (UC): Improved collaboration, better communications, and, of course, increased ROI. However, many of the conversations around UC have been focused on the technology for technology’s sake, or around the...

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Traffic Flow and LAN’s

It is all too easy to think that when the network becomes increasingly sluggish, that an infrastructure upgrade is needed to maintain acceptable speeds. More often than not, the problem is not that your users spend too much time downloading cat videos, but more likely...

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Wireless LAN: the next evolution

by Eduard du Plessis, CEO of EOH Network Solutions Division Several developments point to a very near future scenario in which the fixed LAN that has become the de facto standard is completely replaced by wireless technology. The main driver of this is, of course,...

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Next generation networks reduce costs and complexity

By Eduard du Plessis – Managing Director of EOH Network Solutions A deluge of data is drowning today’s enterprises, and only businesses with their own extensive next generation networks (NGNs) will be best equipped to meet that deluge. In the next few years, it is...

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